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Microblading And Microshading

Long Island Salon:
Microblading and Microshading

Stetik Spa Salon offers professional Microblading and Microshading services. Are your eyebrows very thin and light? Forget about applying makeup daily and try this semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. Our licensed esthetician can help bring the best of your Brows.


Microblading Menu

Stetik Spa Salon offers everything you need to create the perfect brows. Give your Brows a Hollywood look that will last months. Fill out your brows with a semi-permanent tattoo applied by a licensed esthetician. You will have thicker, fuller and natural looking brows without the need for daily makeup application. Select between our Microblading services below.



This procedure is a hand tattooing technique that fills in thin eyebrow areas to make them look fuller. This process is done by lightly scraping the top layer of skin, implanting color and creating hair like lines to build a natural looking brow. Unlike permanent tattooing, microblading uses smaller amounts of pigment where it can last up to 3 years

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This procedure is a semi-permanent makeup technique that fills in thin, lightly-colored or over plucked brows with small dot like shading rather than actual hair strokes. This procedure can last up to 2 or 3 years as it is not permanent.

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How Are Brows Shaped During Microblading?

Precise measurements are taken using a special ruler that segments the face into perfect symmetrical guidelines. Our Estheticians will use the guidelines to outline the final size and shape of your new Eyebrows.


Is Microblading Painful?

After the guidelines are in place and the shape of your brow is finalized our estheticians will then apply a numbing cream to minimize the pain throughout the procedure. This numbing cream will minimize the pain but it will not completely numb the area leaving room for some discomfort. 


How Is Microblading Done?

Using a specialized blade made of multiple smaller needles, the esthetician will begin creating hair length cuts into your brow. Once the cuts have been made the ink will be gently applied into the openings for the skin to absorb. 

After repeating this process 2-3 times the Microblading process is over and the healing process will begin.


How To Book With Stetik Spa

Now that you have explored all of our Spa Services and Salon Services you might be interested in booking a Facial or Hair appointment. You're in luck! we make booking fast and easy. Follow the steps below to get started Booking your next Spa or Salon appointment.


Where to find Stetik Spa

Stetik Spa Salon is located in Westbury, NY. We recently launched this location and our goal is to become one of the best Spas and Salon in Long Island, NY. Click the link below to find us on google maps. Directions to our Salon & Spa are one click away.

251 Post Avenue, Westbury NY 11590


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