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Long Island Med Spa

Med Spa in Long Island

Here at Stetik Spa Salon we have combined experienced estheticians with the best skin products on the market to bring you a quality spa treatments at an affordable price. Our Spa Services specialize in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. In addition, we offer routine skin care treatments and facials to help you maintain healthy skin and naturally glow. Scroll down to learn about what our Spa has to offer. 



Here at Stetik Spa we have created an extensive Facial menu that target all Skin conditions and Skin Care needs. All Facial Treatments can be customized to meet your individual needs by targeting any concerns you may have to achieve the best results for the overall health of your skin.


Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a technique used to improve and smooth the texture of the skin. Chemical peels are intended to remove the outmost layer of the skin. With a wide variety of chemical peels, we can choose the correct peel to target your specific concerns.

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Laser and IPL Treatments

With our state of the art Spa Lasers and IPL equipment we can customize your laser skin treatment to fit your specific skin types needs. Our lasers are very versatile and can take care of treatments such as Laser Vein Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Skin Tightening, Laser Scar Removal and even Laser tattoo Removal. Scroll down to learn more about out Laser and IPL Treatments.

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Body Treatments

Here at Stetik Spa Salon we utilize the latest Body Sculpting, Body Tightening, Fat Freezing and Fat Burning technology on the market to help keep you toned and tight all year round. Tighten the skin on important areas such as your Stomach, Love Handles, Thighs, Arms and lower back and you will notice a visible change to your body. 

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Teeth Whitening

Looking for a brighter smile? Here at Stetik Spa we offer one of the fastest ways to whiten your teeth safely. You can now schedule routine Teeth Whitening Treatment at our Spa in Long Island, NY. Sit down with a licensed professional that advise you on how many treatments you will need to achieve perfect white teeth. Learn more about our state of the art LED Teeth Whitening treatment by click the link below.


How To Book With Stetik Spa

Now that you have explored all of our Spa Services and Salon Services you might be interested in booking a Facial or Hair appointment. You're in luck! we make booking fast and easy. Follow the steps below to get started Booking your next Spa or Salon appointment.


Spa Salon Gift Card

This Holiday Season give the gift of beauty and relaxation. We are now offering customizable and refillable Gift Cards for you to share with your friends of family. Receive exclusive discounts when shopping with a Stetik Spa Salon Gift Card. Give us a call to activate your Gift Card today.


Where to find Stetik Spa

Stetik Spa Salon is located in Westbury, NY. We recently launched this location and our goal is to become one of the best Spas and Salon in Long Island, NY. Click the link below to find us on google maps. Directions to our Salon & Spa are one click away.

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251 Post Avenue, Westbury NY 11590


Follow Us on Social Media

Our social media accounts is a great way to get to know our spa salon and all the services we provide. By following us you will be updated on all of our newest services and special discounts. In addition, get a behind the scenes look at our clients transformations thanks to our services.

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